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Ice-cream containers

Ice-cream packaging that protects its contents from thermal shocks, allows for easy movement through tunnel freezers and can then be stored and stacked in the cooler. For restaurateurs, retailers, ice cream parlours and supermarkets, it offers easy distribution of the product to the final consumer. It can be labelled to facilitate the consumer’s choice of flavour and state the ingredients of the product. The obligatory use-by date for any food product will also appear on the ice cream tub.

Cold resistant plastic food packaging

The material used to produce our boxes is very high-impact polystyrene, which is particularly suitable for the frozen foods industry, resisting temperatures as low as –40C°. Our boxes are produced using a thermoforming process that gives us great adaptability in terms of capacity, colour, etc.

Ice-cream pots

A whole range of ice cream pots making it possible to offer a great variety of individual portions. Small containers that are perfect for the frozen foods industry. Transparent lids show the finished product to its best advantage. Either grouped in fours in sleeves or packed in small cartons, the range of individual pots is ideal for the supermarket. Visual impact is provided by the transparency, strength and the wide range of different models.

Manufacturer of plastic boxes

We have been manufacturing plastic boxes for 40 years, specialising in thermoforming high-impact polystyrene able to resist very low temperatures, as low as –40°C. We offer personalised labelling and can create specific tools or moulds specially designed for different desserts. With our highly adaptable manufacturing facilities and short lead times, we are able to produce small runs of tailor-made packaging.

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SERUP - Plastic packaging
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